You can’t stream this year’s Oscar Nominees on Netflix


Every streaming service wants to stream Oscar nominees and the award night itself. But somehow Netflix will not be able to stream Oscar nominees this year. Read the article and know why Netflix will not be able to do this.

Once again, its Oscar season and it seems that your bet to watch an Oscar nomination at home is going to either in Blu ray or on DVD. Streaming movies online has its own advantages but you can’t make selection out of it often. But especially at Netflix one must have to wait to watch the award season’s top movies at the flat rate plans of Netflix. Go to Netflix Com Activate and know more about flat rate plans.

But if you will restrict yourself to purchases and rentals at Amazon, then DVDs and Blu rays has some advantages over these rentals and purchases.


If you want to see the Academy Award nominees that has debuted recently, then surely you will need to go to a theatre. And if you want a home viewing of these films, then it is not possible to watch all at home. You will have only a handful of content to see in limited categories including best director, best picture, best screenplay, best actress, and best actor. From all the best picture nominees, only crime drama Hell or High water is available as a disc at Amazon or as a digital download. Two other dramas Hacksaw ridge and Manchester by the sea will be available in disc at Amazon on Feb 7 and for digital download it will be available on Feb 21. The physical form of sci-fi Arrival will be available on Feb 14 but Amazon has not given any due date for digital download. Home viewing of the nominees of best picture category will have an indefinite wait as no due date for their availability has not been provided yet.

The subscribers of Netflix will need to wait for a long time to see these Oscar’s nominations. The nominees of best actor, Best actress, and best original screenplay is only available via DVD at Netflix but their digital rent or purchase is only available at Amazon. For more information, Netflix TV Help can be taken.


The same pattern Is also for last year nominees. All the nominees are not available at the streaming giant’s list. You only get two movies in the streaming menu of Netflix including The Big Short and Spotlight and these were the contenders for the best picture category. The other 6 contenders including Mad Max Funny Road, The Revenant, Bridge of Spies, Room, Brooklyn, The Revenant are DVD only at Netflix. All of them are available for downloads or discs Brooklyn and The Bridge of Spies Is available as digital rentals at Amazon only. Room is available for free to stream for Prime subscribers. Netflix Com can be used to get the info about the availability of films at Netflix.

The reason behind this type of pattern is the intersection of copyright law and the release window strategy of movie industry of selling movies in one channel at a time to make more profits. Once the physical sales would start, then Netflix can rent the discs without permission same as the way the bookstores don’t need publisher’s permission to operate. For any query, you can log on to www Netflix Com.


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