“Stranger Things” a scary series 1980’s Nostalgia

“Stranger things “is a supernatural mystery series set in Indiana in 1983.It is story about a missing boy who encounters evil forces.

If you have recovered with 1980’s Nostalgia Hang on! We are back with “Stranger Things”. You can take this trip back to that decade and revive yourself.

This eight-part series is a supernatural mystery set in Indiana in 1983, It is a mix of youthful amusement of “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial” along with qualities of “Poltergeist” two of the 1982’s biggest box office hits and Netflix App lets you enjoy all this.

Tale begins like Young Will Byers (Noah Schapps) is heading towards home in the dark after a long game of after a long game of Dungeons & Dragons with his three friends and he encounters something evil. Soon whole Hawkins, Ind, is looking for him. Question arises here does the secretive United States Department of Energy Lab is responsible for the disappearance of the boy.

stranger things-netflixactivate

The people behind this whole creation are Matt and Ross Duffer and they have refined their skills on the fox show Wayward Pines,” and proven themselves that they are apt for this genre. It has a soundtrack the Clash’s Should I Stay or Should I Go” it is enough to send people in Nostalgia who were young in their 80’s but that easy but the tough part is capturing tone of the another era. Duffers managed to do keep it quite well.

Nothing can work solely by the ambience but strong acting is needed to keep the audience engaged and “Stranger Things” has it all. Winona play the role of a missing boy’s mother and David Harbour in the role of local police chief, who has a back story that gives Will’s disappearance particular resonance for him.

Best of all, though, are the child actors: Finn Wolfhard, Caleb McLaughlin and Gaten Matarazzo as Will’s three friends, and especially Millie Bobby Brown as a mysterious young girl who materializes out of nowhere as the search of Will is going on. These young performers are up to the mark.

“Stranger Things” lets you recall another 1980’s film, Rob Reiner’s “Stand by Me “an adaptation of Stephen King story.

1980’s content are in vogue these day on Netflix TV -the “Full House” revival, the recent revisiting of “Uncle Buck,” etc. Experience pure Nostalgia and enjoy these shows with modern touch and more shows after Netflix download.



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