Netflix hacks that will save money

Netflix is your house of entertainment but what if it will cost you less. Yes it will, once you follow these simple tips.

We all enjoy watching movies and Television shows or their own originals .The excitement will be doubled if you can actually save money on Netflix .With some creativity you will be able to save money on Netflix by following these simple hacks.


Share an Account

Netflix allows you to watch Netflix on two screens and with their Premium package you can watch on up to four screens after Netflix download. You can create up to five profiles on each account and you can easily share one Netflix account with four people, each with their own profile and  Netflix activate let you enjoy this feature Just keep in mind you may find sharing troublesome and it depends on your subscription package. By sharing you cannot get on Netflix because everyone else is watching at the same time. If you really don’t want to split the bills all you can have everyone buy gift cards and put them toward the account.

Pause’ an Account

If you are not going to use your account for a week or few months then you can pause your membership .Earlier, you could put an actual hold on your account, effectively pausing it and paying for a period of time.

But Netflix has modified this feature but you can still “pause” an account by cancelling it .Just got to your Account information, and click the Cancel Membership button under Membership & Billing.)

However, Netflix will save your account information for 10 months. If you want to restart your membership you can log back on Netflix TV and update your payment information.

I agree there are few extra steps but if you are not going to use Netflix for a while, why will you pay for it.

Buy Netflix Gift Cards on Discount

You can also search gift cards or discounted gift cards on stores that sell Netflix gift cards. Target is the store to look for 4% to 5% off, and Target sells Netflix gift cards.

Buying giftcard online can be bit tricky but many marketplaces are safe and offer protection such as 100 days guarantee.

Choose the Right Plan

Netflix has even streamlined its plans. Netflix has three plans — Basic, Standard and Premium. Basic is the cheapest plan and let you watch on screen only if you  aren’t willing to share your account and can comprise with picture quality you can go for Basic pack. Simultaneously if you are on Premium pack and don’t need four screens and Ultra HD, change your package as per your needs. Moreover, review the different packages and make sure you’re paying for the one that’s right for you.

Don’t Miss Your Favorite Shows

Last tip is to get most value from your account .Use third-party sites to help you find what’s new and what’s going to leave Netflix. One site to find the desired information is

So, try these tips and enjoy Netflix like never before and at best price. So, Happy Streaming!



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