Let’s tickle your funny bones on Netflix

10 best comedy film available on Netflix. So, enjoy the never ending fun on Netflix. Comedy acts as a stress breaker for the long hectic day. So, why not indulge in the best humor which you can easily find on your TV.

netflix-comediesEnjoy various others shows and movie on Netflix by Download Netflix Free form Google stores or Apple stores and enjoy Netflix on your Android too.Sometimes finding the perfect comedy film on Netflix seems a task because of the plethora of humor catalogue. Wondering how to settle for few, to make that easy we have found the best of the bunch of comedy movies for you. These movies are full of iconic one –liners that will definitely make you rolling on the floor.

Best 10 comedy movies that we have shortlisted are:

1.Pee- Wee’s big adventure:

It is an offbeat yarn about a man’s deep love for his red bicycle it turned out to be a franchise and established Tim Burton as a quirky auteur to watch.


2.Hot Fuzz:

Hot fuzz stars Simon Peg he acted as a brilliant London cop relocated to a sleepy small town. There he tries to investigate various series of suspicious crime which were all in his head. This amazing comedy contains American action flicks too.


3.The princess Bride:

This wistful fairy tale is romantic crazy and insane funny comedy movie. Legendary comedy director Rob Reiner infuses every scene with an adventurous spirit and wry humor.. Coupled with the most perfect movie kiss in the world.


4.Galaxy Quest :

The film follows a group of sci-fi starts who are recruited by alien race.



Fashion world that is full of ridiculous moments and silly one liners. Stiller stars as male supermodel Derek Zoolander, a beautiful simpleton tasked with saving the world. Owen Wilson is Hansel, Derek’s primary fashion rival and eventual best friend. They together they take on the vile Mugatu (Will Ferrell).Zoolander is the perfect antidote to a boring day.


6.Tommy Boy:

This film better exemplifies Chris Farley and David Spade’s perfect comedy partnership than Farley plays a lovable loser desperate to save his father’s company and Spade is the loyal employee rolling his eyes the whole way. Together, they make the one of the all-time best comedy odd couples.


7.Coming To America:

Eddie Murphy’s Coming To America is not only a hilarious ‘80s romp,. Murphy plays a handsome young African prince to travels to Queens in the hopes of meeting a woman he can marry for love — instead of for politics.


8.The Trip:

Two middle-aged British actors film a momentary TV series wherein they play fictionalized versions of themselves touring restaurants.. Eventually, the TV series is edited into a theatrical cut but, it’s actually endlessly delightful to watch.



We would have put Clueless in this spot but clueless don’t stand in front of madness of Heathers. This pitch black comedy pokes fun at murder and makes croquet look cool.


 10.Moonrise Kingdom:

Moonrise Kingdom is an elegant film about the bewitching power of young love. The film is also a prime example of adventurous auteur.


So, delight your mood with this quirky treat.




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