Netflix Encodes Just UHD Streams In .265 And Not All Of The Content, Why?

Netflix has been streaming content for a long time once you Netflix download app. There was a time when 480p was a standard cable TV supply. However there was an abrupt start to 720p HD ready resolution and now it has ranged to 1080p, 1080i, 2K and recent 4K or UHD. Since these offer more quality and clarity of content, they also have some basic requirements after Netflix free download.



For instance, a 4K TV can only display content in full richness and can amplify the content which is being sent in 1080p or lower than it. Similarly since Download Netflix does not run on a cable channel and makes use of internet, as the quality of content increases, so does increases the bitrate as well as need of a faster internet to stream without hiccups.

Bandwidth and quality

As users switched from 720p to 1080p, there was a requirement in bandwidth up gradation and similarly from 1080p to 2k it happened after Netflix free download. However encoding is something which can help us in this time of disdain. There is always a fair usage policy on internet after which quality and bandwidth decreases. Basically, if you are streaming 4K content at a 30Mbps internet, chances are that after a few gigabyte of usage your speed might be jeopardised.


Once you Download Netflix computer app, you will realise that Netflix has started encoding its content in a H.264 content up to 2K. H.264 encoding has pretty much become standard now a days and everyone is doing that. However, Netflix has jumped the bar for its UHD or 4K content and have migrated to HEVC or H.265 of encoding for it. There is a strong reason behind that.

Netflix encoding schemes

Netflix had been streaming HD content from a long time. They also support dynamic streaming which allows to upscale and downscale the content quality of streamed content in real time. However, in today’s time in USA, an average user has an internet connection of around 20Mbps. A 4K content without encoding might need more than double of it. However, proper encoding in .264 might bring it down to 30 but still 4K would not be achievable to many hence decreasing revenue of Netflix.

HEVC encoding+

This is the reason why encoding in HEVC or .265 has been done now. It brings down to the slot of 15-16Mbps and almost all users can get the content. It will also benefit the non UHD users too. It will be seen in the content as ever. UHD content will be more suppressed to 1/3rd of the size and will be available to all from Netflix.

This has been done now and not earlier since Netflix’s own studio is going to stream in 4K now. House of card has been renewed for another season which is a Netflix original series. This will allow them to broadcast their first ever content in 4K. That is why they want to make the best out of it and hence that is why they can easily broadcast using this technology now.

However, that is why only UHD is encoded in this format since it is this only content which needs this kind of compression. This will not allow any kind of bitrate increase than 2K and hence the quality will be maintained while decreasing the bandwidth requirement by 1/3rd. this is similar to those torrent files which are around 30 minutes and 1080p but have a size of nearly 100MB while an uncompressed YouTube HD content is around 500MB for 30 minutes.

H.265 compression or HEVC is a new technology. Not many TVs till now support it. Still it will run on an older compression value if new is not supported. However, it is very useful to all users.


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