Netflix star Chelsea Handler On: Network TV Is Over


Chelsea handler signed a deal 2 years ago with Netflix for a series of TV documentaries of net worth $10 million as well as a talk show. It will premiere on this Wednesday and will be called Chelsea. It will run thrice a week for 30 minutes without any commercial on Wednesday to Friday.

This show will be aired simultaneously in around 190 countries in quarter of a hundred languages. This will also have on-location instantaneous shoots included. Chelsea had a chat with “The post” right before the premier.

Chelsea told how this show will be different than Chelsea lately on E! Earlier. She says how this show is nothing to fake about. This is not an exceptionally loud show like former. She herself has a loud personality. She also enjoys that this show has no breaks and no cuts. She likes the idea of keeping behind the scenes on the scene and transition period in front of audience. She does not want to fake anymore and she knows how natural she is now. She does not want to read a monologue and then call couple of guests. Instead she wants to keep it as simple as a chat and wants users to get used to it.

She also told how linguists had to study her natural language, her short language. They had to see all her previous shows on E! As well as her documentaries. She laughed on the idea that they are going to be so fed up of her now. Her language will be dubbed now for international audience.

She said that she is done enough with herself. She does not watch her shows and she has no interest in her language being dubbed. She said that appealing to a mass audience globally is solely on being natural. She believes on spontaneous feelings and not anything planning since planning has not fetched her any good in the past.

About being aired, she said that this show could do surely good on a network. However, network TV is already done now that Netflix and other table players are in market. She wants it to be on these services. She believes that this period will serve her best over these services.

Since the very first guest on her show is education secretary John B king, she says that it will be an interesting quest to do. Chelsea says that she never went to college and she wanted to see how being successful and not being a good student works out. He will be there to test her knowledge and she will be more than willing to do that.


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